eltec One-Plate® + Silicon Carbide (NiSlipTM 700D)

NiSlip 700D SiC is a unique coating with ultra-fine silicon carbide particles contained within a hard electroless nickel matrix provides numerous benefits including:


  • Exceptional hardness
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Perfect conformity to complex geometries
  • Entirely non-line-of-sight
  • Superb wear, abrasion, and impact resistance
  • Applicability to many common metals and alloys
  • Coverage of entire services or selected critical areas


These features allow increased lifetime and minimize maintenance-related downtime from replacement of high wear parts.  In addition, any process parts enhanced by NiSlip™ 700D SiC will produce more consistent product over an extended period of time.  The coating has proven to be advantageous in countless industries including molding, gear, pressing, paper, tool and die, plastics, petrochemical, and automotive.


NiSlipTM 700D-coatings has received a positive review from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Department of Health and Human Services. Click here for details.


NiSlipTM 700D-coatings is an outstanding replacement for hard chrome plating; with numerous environmental, application, and performance advantages.  NiSlipTM 700D-coatings consistently outperforms hard chrome plating in standardized wear testing as well as industrial comparisons.  Because NiSlipTM 700D-coatings is an electroless process, it covers even complex geometries perfectly, eliminating the need for subsequent grinding. 


Covered by one or more of the following United States Patents No. 4,997,686, 5,145,517, 5,300,330, 5,863,616, 6,306,466, 7,744,685 and 8,147,601.

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