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eltec One-Plate® - Electroless Nickel Plating Solution

Electroless Nickel (EN) is a chemical method for plating nickel alloys onto metal parts. The alloy can be formed with varying percentages of phosphorus or boron to provide a wide range of hardness, corrosion resistance, magnetism, appearance and other properties. As the process uses no electricity, EN coatings are perfectly uniform thickness across even the most complex shaped parts. EN plating can be applied to virtually any substrate material with the most common being steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys, titanium, and even plastics.


eltec One-Plate® Systems and Their Properties to Meet All Your EN Needs:



The introduction of eltec One-Plate® EN solutions has revolutionized the EN industry. Since the 1950s, EN has been used on a global industrial scale. Over these many decades, the plating industry has used systems consisting of three or more chemical solutions (typically called A, B, and C) to produce EN from a plating bath.  What makes eltec One-Plate® so superior to all other EN is that eltec One-Plate® systems only uses one single component to make up and replenish the EN bath, not three or more.


There are eltec One-Plate® solutions for low, medium, and high phosphorous versions of EN. They are “made by platers for platers” to work the way they should in real plating shop conditions. Contact Electroless Technology to get started with eltec One-Plate® and experience the many benefits of these solutions including:

  • Just one product to order, ship, stock
  • Savings on time, labor, energy, and lab work, due to the ease of using a single component
  • A drop-in solution for existing plating shop tanks and processes
  • The option of using a single replenishment pump for the single component rather than manual pouring of multiple components
  • Higher quality and consistency as all chemical ingredients in the bath stay in balance
  • Long bath life thanks to consistent chemistry
  • The option of operating the bath in a “Bleed and Feed” method for consistent plating and perpetual bath life
  • Full or partial self-pH maintaining solutions
  • RoHS, ELV, REACH and similar regulations compliant
  • Meet or exceed MIL-C-26074-D, AMS 2404 C, and other specifications
  • Environmental benefits from a lower nickel concentration which reduces drag out and waste at end of the bath life
  • Ability to use eltec One-Plate®baths for composite coating with PTFE, diamond, silicon carbide, boron nitride and other particles
  • Patented




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